Meet The Artists


Sarah Johnson

Hi! My name is Sarah Johnson. I am currently a student at East Carolina University in Greenville, North Carolina. I am majoring in Psychology with a minor in Art. I have loved art since I was a little girl. I enjoy painting for the Children's Art line here at Antique Curiosities. The pieces I create are realistic watercolor paintings that all ages can enjoy.


Avery Guyer

Hi! My name is Avery Guyer and I am an artist at Antique Curiosities. I am based out of Boone, North Carolina and am currently studying Art at Appalachian State University. I have been making art for as long as I can remember. Although I have explored things like photography, sculpture and fibers, my preferred mediums are painting and drawing. I love to focus on strong color palettes and details in my work. Many of my pieces are representational of things I see in nature and everyday life.

Maggie K

Maggie Keller

Maggie Keller is an artist with a wide variety of callings. From botanical illustration to abstraction, she aims to simply add beauty to the lives of all she encounters. Based out of Charlotte, NC she currently studies at Lenoir-Rhyne University as a biology major and visual art minor. With an affinity for nature, its influence can be seen throughout all aspects of her work.


Maggie Shugart

My name is Maggie Shugart and I live in Newton, North Carolina. I am currently attending Catawba Valley Community College for Advertising and Graphic Design. My hobbies include photography, hiking and calligraphy. I enjoy spending time with my friends and family. I have always had an interest in art and pursued art classes during elementary, middle and high school. The art that I create tends to be more abstract and geometric. For Antique Curiosities I have done several pieces in the Children's Art line, including abstracts and the watercolor for the patent prints.


Alexa Clark

I'm Alexa Clark and I am an artist and web designer for Antique Curiosities. My passion for art began as a child; collecting beautiful stones that caught my eye, making homemade cards, and leading me to study Graphic Design at Lenoir Rhyne University. I live for painting with watercolors, printmaking and abstract design. I am so fortunate to see my creations grow from a simple brush stroke, to a framed piece; lighting up the walls, or lininig the shelves of stores and spaces near you. I keep my inspiration sharp at home while listening to my singer/songwriter husband hum his melodies.


Janie Pennell

My name is Janie Pennell and I am a 22 year year old, currently living in Nashville, TN. Art is my passion and way of spreading happiness. My favorite medium to use is watercolor, but I enjoy trying all different materials. I try to use my whismical style to give my paintings personality and life that I hope will bring a smile to your face. I have had the honor of creating many of the pieces in the Children's line for Antique Curiosities.